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clueless lorem ipsum generator

I made a lorem ipsum generator To practice React.js I did this for the Lols in 2018

Project background

I was sick of copying boring Lorem from the internet, and the novelty of Hipster Ipsum had long since worn off. As there are so many Ipsum generators out there, I assumed it would be a relatively straightforward project that I could tackle in a weekend and a good excuse to practice React and watch one of my favourite guilty pleasure teen movies ;)

Design & development approach

The design is super minimal and mimics the 90's feel of the movie. The purple button is a nod to the one used in Cher's virtual closet app. (Which by the way, I am still waiting for a good version of this to exist IRL)

First I broke the problem down into the steps that I was trying to achieve.

1. Generate a sentence from a random number of quotes.

2. Generate a random paragraph from 1-3 sentences.

3. Generate a random (specified) number of paragraphs on the page every time a button was clicked.

Then I collected the quotes that I wanted to use in the generator and saved them in an array of strings.

Output example Example of output quote
Output example Example of output quote

Retrospective & Roadmap

Create React App was a perfect choice for the project as it’s easy to get started with. I chose to deploy the app with Heroku CLI to practise working with GIT.

I need to refine the existing quotes and add some more to reduce duplication and achieve better results. I would also like to explore being able to have the user input a specified number of paragraphs they would like returned.